About Donna Reis

About Donna Reis and A Link T0 Spirit

As long as I can remember I have wondered about life after death. As a young child, I was able to see and talk with spirits. My maternal grandmother was my first mentor; she was a gifted medium who I spent a great deal of time with. This was a great blessing for me as she did not stifle my gifts and allowed me to discuss what I saw and felt.

Donna Reis of A Link To SpiritI have always turned to divination tools when looking for guidance in both my personal and professional life. Upon moving to Anaheim, California, I discovered that my new home was just around the corner from the Learning Light Foundation which was established in 1962. I was blessed to study with Barbara Connor who mentored folks such as Sylvia Brown, Kenny Kingston (psychic to the stars), and Reverend Pat O’Boyle who founded Paedia, a spiritual learning center in Anchorage, Alaska. Barbara Connor was featured on several television shows for her paranormal investigations of spirit activity at Drum Barracks Civil War Museum in Wilmington, California, and the Sallie House in Atchison, Kansas where they have seen full-bodied apparitions and objects flying through the air.
Kenny Kingston was a celebrity and psychic medium to the stars and was famous for his clients such as Marilyn Monroe and the Duchess of Windsor; he was also a frequent guest on the Merv Griffin show. Reverend Pat O’Boyle studied with the Zulu people of Southern Africa and later with Reverend Reinhardt who founded the Aquarian Age Foundation, a spiritualist church. It was an honor to study and work with these many gifted mediums. I spent many a day sitting on what we called the “channel panel” giving messages with these gifted mediums. A channel panel is when three to five psychic mediums sit at a table in the front of a room and give messages to the guests.

I have found it to be very rewarding to help others connect with their loved ones who have crossed over, assisting them with closure as well as to know that their loved ones are always there with them and will be there when it is their time to make the transition into the next world. Card reading with Donna Reis

Throughout the years as an entrepreneur I have owned a consulting firm, been director of marketing with a national company, owned a holistic wellness center in San Diego, and founded Color Vision where I started manufacturing the Color Vision Aura Imaging Camera so that my clients could see their auras and I could show them and discuss their energy fields.
Color Vision now produces several products, and offers a variety of services as well as educational programs. It was because of the death of my brother in 1989 that I decided to start Color Vision and move from the corporate world into the wellness and spiritual profession. His death had a profound effect on me, and after he passed he came to visit me on several occasions and it was at his request that I started once again offering physical mediumship for those that were in need.
Through Color Vision I have developed a certification program that teaches wellness through color therapy. This program is now in place and many organizations offer continuing educational units for these classes. The Color Therapy Program has assisted many folks in releasing the baggage that holds them back. These courses have also been instrumental in helping others develop their intuition through color, as color is a non-intrusive way of opening the psychic.

Donna Reis