A Link to Spirit

Welcome to my website my name is Donna Reis; I am an Intuitive, Physical Medium, a Spiritual Teacher and Life Coach. Growing up I would watch my maternal grandmother read cards, the 52 deck which I now publish called the Simply IntuitiveĀ© cards. This method has been passed down in my family for over 300 years. It was common to see spirit and connect with the spirit world as a child.
As a physical psychic/medium I work with people from all walks of life. I have worked with the police department in several states in high profile cases, along with attorneys giving insight into cases they are working on, business executives, celebrities and have given guidance and healing to many by connecting them with their loved ones who have crossed over. A true medium will give evidence there is survival after death.
There are many forms of divination besides psychic/mediumship. Other tools I use for divining are Aura Photography, Color Cards, Simply IntuitiveĀ© cards, and Astrology. I offer classes in all these psychic development tools as well as private readings. For the past 25 years I have been teaching vibrational healing utilizing color therapy. The clients and organizations I have worked with as a physical psychic/medium have all been through referral however with the rise of consciousness and the thinning of the veil I have been guided to offer my services to all who have an interest as folks are now open and ready to receive the guidance.
I would like to invite you to browse through my web site if you have any questions or would like to visit with me please e-mail me donna@mycolorvision.com or call me at 817-788-9451 thank you for taking your time; I am here to assist you if you are ready to move forward on your spiritual journey.Donna Reis