Yoga Class $63

Yoga Class — Every Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm

Yoga Class — Every Thursday from 7 pm to 8 pm

Tarka Sullivan is our Yoga Instructor. Her journey to wellness started 8 yrs ago, while she had been practicing yoga at a beginning level for a few years on and off, Tarka had not put together all the pieces of the puzzle. Last year, she started yoga teacher training with Arpita Shah and Om Yoga Journey where the training included Ayurveda studies along with the yoga. We are pleased to share what Tarka has learned to help others on their journey.

Tarka’s 200hr yoga training included:
– History of yoga and review of philosophical texts
– Anatomy of the physical and energetic body
– Pranayama (breath) and meditation
– Correct alignment and modifications of poses
– Yoga Therapy and Chakra support
– Basics of Ayurveda practices

I am Donna Reis and I have found that Takra’s style is more of a Yoga Therapy and Chakra support. You will experience emotional release in this style of Yoga, it is comfortable for folks of all ages, whether you are out of shape or overweight everyone can benefit from this class, it is also a great way to release any emotional baggage you may have.

Space is limited for this class you must register in advance to hold space
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