Astrological Charts Natal and Solar Return Chart

Your Natal Chart is your life’s path image a stage, the stage of your life and there are twelve rooms on your stage (this is your areas of interest in life) you are the actor and you have ten roles to perform (these are your planets) the script you choose which you have twelve to choose from are the signs. A natal chart can be of great value as it will explain why you have passion and interest in some areas and do not in others. As an example the person that loves to travel and explore the world may be stuck, in a trying hard to fit in. Through understanding their life’s path they could select a career that would allow them to not only create a positive income but have passion for their career. The Natal chart is only done once as your birth time date and place do not change so this is your ROAD MAP to this life.

A Solar Return Chart will give a person insight into what the energies (area of interests) are for them from birthday to birthday. This chart can be very insightful as it will allow you to be prepared to embrace the gifts as well as prepare for any challenges that might be present during the year. The Solar Return is different each year and is also influenced by the location where you spend your birthday. Both charts come with your astrological wheel and a written spiral bound book explaining all aspects of your chart.To order now please click on the PayPal icon. This will link you to the PayPal order form.

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