Fall/Winter Specials

Fall/Winter Specials

As we enter into fall and prepare for the holidays this is a perfect time to take some personal time and pamper ourselves.

Foot Spa Sessions

Experience a foot detox session $35 for 25 minutes bring a friend and receive 50% off (two sessions for $52.50 a savings of $17.50).  You may also purchase a package 10 sessions for $350 and receive 12 sessions a savings of $70 or bring a friend and receive ½ off plus 2 free session $525 total a savings of $315.00.  Sessions are good for 18 months from date of purchase. For more information on our foot spas their benefits and Ionization please visit our web site at http://mycolorvision.com/wellness-equipment-2

PayPal –  Foot Detox Session $52.40

PayPal – Bring a Friend Foot Detox Session $525.00




Group Table Tipping with Seth Reis

Many of you have met Seth and experienced his gentle energy. Seth is truly a gifted medium please visit http://alinktospirit.com/donna-seth-reis/ to learn more about Seth and his story. To learn more about table tipping visit http://alinktospirit.com/intuitive-development-classes/ table tipping is one of the oldest methods of connecting with the spirit world. A typical session is $60 per person for a ½ hour session or $100 per person for an hour. Seth will offer an hour session for three people at $100 this is a savings of $200 so talk with your friends and family be sure and take advantage of this special. Visit this link to session in progress http://alinktospirit.com/private-readings/ .

table tipping

PayPal – Group Table Tipping with Seth Reis